Cannot verify email because of phat fingers

I somehow missed that I incorrectly signed up with a bunk (incorrectly spelled) email address and now I cannot change it, because to do so you have to verify your original. It took me weeks to figure this out because I was never getting the verification emails. It was just by happen stance that I caught it. I have the professional plan and opened several tickets, just realizing last night I am never going to get them because … my email is incorrect.

Unfortunately you’d need to sing uo with a correct account, move your zones to the correct account and resubscribe.

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Can you please share those ticket numbers here?

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what about the service I paid for? I find it fairly hard to believe they cannot edit / change my email address on the back end.

Everything was combined into this inc:

I paid for service on the wrong domain initially several weeks back, lost the invoice, I’ll eat that. Then I re-added the correct domain and paid for service again, my domain is verified and the DNS records are updated, however I still have the incorrect email address so I cannot verify my email.

I misspelled assist and never caught it.

I added that detail to your ticket 2936933. Ticket 2938324 is marked as closed. Duplicate tickets slow the reply time for you and, well, everyone. Please keep the conversation in 2936933

For clarification about the mistake you made @jacoblebsock1, when you signed up and purchased the domain, did you make a typo in both your email address and the domain you purchased?

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Thanks man, i appreciate how much you have helped. I have been trying to get help for weeks on this now. I resolved it on my own though. I just went and bought the incorrect domain, setup email and verified with the incorrectly spelled email via the incorrectly spelled domain.

leave the inc closed.


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