Cannot verify email because MX records isn’t set up

I am stuck in a continuous loop and cannot receive emails for my business because I cannot verify my email with Cloudflare so that I can set up my mx records. I’m not sure what to do but I haven’t received an email since February. To set up mx records Cloudflare says I must first verify my email address but I am unable to receive emails on my admin account and therefore cannot verify my email address. Please help.

Temporarily change your domain’s name servers (at your registrar) to point to your host’s DNS, so you can add the MX record(s) there.

Once that’s fixed and you’re all set up here, change your Cloudflare account’s email address so it doesn’t point to a domain that’s managed by your Cloudflare account.


I’m sorry I’m not sure what this means. I can tell you I originally purchased my domain name through google suites and now when I go to google suites it just says activate gmail and then says I have to login into the host (Cloudflare). When I login to Cloudflare it says verify my email. I guess I don’t understand all the technicalities behind this. Google suites has never been this complicated, this is my 3rd domain name I’ve purchased from them. The other 2 work fine.

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