Cannot use team to create group policy

I’m trying to setup a group policy to only allow people in my GitHub team in an Organization to access certain services (such as ssh to prod server), but whenever I’m trying to change to allow only a team out of organisation (currently all members of org have access), I get this error:
access.api.error.invalid_request: include field should not be empty

I get this as soon as I add the team to field, if I remove it it still doesn’t work, ultimately I have to create a new group policy with access to all people in org, change in each application and remove the old group policy to make Cloudflare Access work again

Also, when I click on the group policy, it drops down shows this:

Unknown Type: gthub-org-username,

If I don’t delete the old policy and open it to edit, it shows:
There is an error with one or more of your rules. Check your group configuration and try again.

This is shown regardless of team being added or not to policy.

The only login method I’m using is GitHub OAuth.

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