Cannot use R2 with custom domain due to limitation placed on account


My domain got limited due to video streaming served on the website.
So I want to move to R2. But unfortunately all videos from R2 that being accessed from custom domain are being served with an error:

This video has been restricted . Streaming video from Cloudflare’s basic service is a violation of the Terms of Service. Please visit to learn more.”

How do I fix this?

Please open a support ticket and post the ticket number here. I can escalate it for you.

Thank you. I have opened a ticket.

ID: 2586391

I have 2 issues in the ticket.

1 - is the same as this thread, which custom domain for R2 broke and redirect to error due to the limitation placed on my domain.

2 - Cloudflare redirect all url with mp4 extension to the error page without checking whether they are a HTML file, or even 404 HTTP error code. They assume all URLs with mp4 extension is a video file and I found that is quite absurd.

Hoping to find for some solutions from the team.

I have escalated your ticket.
I am confused by this part

To me, it seems the most efficient way of blocking any videos for a zone that is violating ToS is to block all .mp4 requests to it. No one should be severing HTML with a .mp4 and it doesn’t matte if there is a video or not at the origin.

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I am using an application that generate a URL redirection based on the file name.

For example:
It then redirect to S3 URL where the file is hosted.

Even if we are using parameter, the URL still get redirected

So basically no matter what kind of URL is it, a long as it ends with .mp4, Cloudflare will redirect the page to an error.

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