Cannot Use Microsoft Apps After WARP Activated

Hello there,

Following the update of the Cloudflare WARP Windows application in April, I’ve encountered an issue where Microsoft Apps such as OneDrive and the Microsoft Store are not accessible. However, the network seems to function well with other apps and websites.

I suspect the problem lies in the Windows Network Indicator (NSCI) not being handled correctly. This seems to particularly affect Microsoft apps, and it results in the display of a “No internet access” icon in the taskbar.

I’ve attempted various solutions such as modifying the NSCI, and adding the NSCI addresses to the “Exclude Split Tunnels” and “Local Domains” in the settings, but to no avail.

Please assist me in debugging these issues. Your response is greatly appreciated.

[Diagnostic Files Link](

The issue has existed since Version 2023.3.381.0
Not Zero Trust, WARP+ with WARP protocol, Windows 11.

This issue seems to be caused by the Great Firewall of the China Government, fixed by applying the reg below.

Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00

"ActiveWebProbeContent"="Microsoft NCSI"
"ActiveWebProbeContentV6"="Microsoft NCSI"