Cannot Upgrade wrangler on Mac M1

When i do:

wrangler --version is gives me wrangler 1.19.3-rc.1

I want to upgrade it, but cannot upgrade following the documentation for npm and cargo

I got confused, when i saw this output
which wrangler gives me /opt/homebrew/bin/wrangler

Any leads would be helpful.

I found the solution,
by removing the old binary, and installing wrangler using
npm -g install [email protected]

and not npm i @cloudflare/wrangler -g

It was confusing for me, didn’t know wrangler2 is using wrangler package from NPM. This misunderstanding was because google search landed me to Install / Update · Cloudflare Workers docs

Yes, there was a small notice regarding new release on wrangler but i never thought i would miss this (and still use @cloudflare/wrangler instead of wrangler package)

This might be helpful for anyone who faces similar problem

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