Cannot upgrade my plan to Pro


Today, I try to upgrade my free plan to pro. I fill out all the credit card information, then click “Purchase” button, after a while, the popup dialog will disappear and no error information shows, and I go back to a refreshed dashboard of my account with my site listed below.

I check my plan and find it is still “free”.

I tried twice but all get such a result.

So what is the problem?

Can anyone help me on this issue?

Try a different browser, different device, etc. Incognito mode. Clear your browser data.


I suspect your issue may have been related to Cloudflare Status - Cloudflare Billing Platform Issues

I see that issue is marked as resolved, if this was a first-time order, can you try again using the approach suggested by @sdayman? (as noted in the incident, order for existing customers are processing, but there is a delay)


Thank you very much.

I solve the issue after changing to Chome.


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