Cannot Upgrade from Free to Pro

I’ve tried to update from free to pro, but keep getting this error.
We got in touch with support, and they say it is because the domain use to be tied to an account with an outstanding balance. We are managing this domain for a client it used to be on our account. We settled all outstanding bills on our account and still can’t upgrade to pro on the client account.

This is quite severe as the client is an ecommerce website and we need cloudflare for security and speed and don’t want to go to a different provider. I’ve sent a requested to billing support but no answer and it is really a problem.

Please post that ticket #, and we’ll escalate it to re-open and review.

Thank you.

There are two tickets, the latest open on my account #3264898 and to original one opened on the client account #3244582

Thanks for the tickets. I’ve escalated both.

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Thank you for sharing the ticket number with us, you should get a reply through the ticket soon.



@it1264, issue has been solved on your ticket #3264898, please refer to it for more information.


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