Cannot updated Google analytics app


I am having an issue with updating the Google analytics app for all my domains.
I am currently running v3.0.0, the updated version is 5.0.6.

When i click update or even ‘edit install’ the page becomes blank with just ‘Error: an error occurred’.

The browser console shows an error: Error changing state {data: null, status: -1, headers: ƒ, config: {…}, statusText: “”}

I have tried multiple browser and this happens with all my domains with this application installed.

Any help is appreciated,


This issue should be resolved. It was due to accounts set up not with shared account access. Please let us know if you are still having issues.


Hi Victoria
The problem still persists.


Hi Victoria. I’m actually experiencing a similar issue across my domains as well.


UPDATE: I’m fixing some of these plugins that need updating by uninstalling and reinstalling the newer versions. I’ll let you know if I encounter any more issues. Thank you.


I’m unable to even edit the install! How are you uninstalling the apps?


This process is convoluted and buggy. If I tried to do it the obvious way on the main page to uninstall, it wouldn’t work either.

These are my steps off the top of my head:

Go back to the main apps tab, then there should be three tabs with one saying something like “installed.” Click on that then I think I previewed the analytics plugin. At the bottom there should be an uninstall button.


Thanks Charles,

I’ve uninstalled the plugin now but there is no ‘install’ button. Only ‘preview’ which gives the same error.