Cannot Update Website

I’m really struggling with my very simple website.
I am constantly getting the message that content cannot be updated and that I’m likely offline. There is also an issue with images showing up properly depending upon how people find my site.

I cannot add pages or posts as it won’t let me update. I’ve disabled all plugins. I was trying to use All In One SEO and it mentioned in many places that Rest API may not be available, but site health says it is.

I went into the wordpress settings to change the site url to include https and it locked me out of the site. I had to go into PHP admin to change it back.

The site is hosted on Godaddy. I have DNS managed through Cloudflare and a free SSL from Cloudflare installed on the site.

When I type in just the domain, directs to and it comes up secure with no image. (There should be one image on the sidebar at the top of my book)

When I type in it shows up not secure and with the image showing.

It feels like using Cloudflare is just an added layer of confusion. I have been able to do some updates since I installed the SSL and the server settings to Cloudflare, and the site seemed to be working fine until today.

Is it possible the API from All in One is conflicting with the API for Cloudflare? I’m wracking my brain on this and it should be so much simpler since the site is just basic. Thank you for any insight you can share.