Cannot Update Jet Elements and Related Plugins for Wordpress

Alright so I have searched through the forums found all relevent articles pertaining to wordpress plugins not updating and have opened my backend from caching and performance and disabled all caching in development mode in cloudflare and can still not get Jet Elements and related plugins to update. All non crocoblock plugins update fine and they will not help me. This is a brand new site just installed the plugins and still cannot update them to newest version. Getting Server Error Try Again message just trying to activate my license.

Ok I know this is a cloudflare issue. How you ask, well I have several wordpress sites on this specific server. 2 are connected to cloudflare now and these are the only two sites I have problems updating only these plugins. All other sites not connected to cloudflare update fine.

Any guidence here is most appreciated. I have been trying to fix this for my 1st site for months but cannot make to many changes as its my bread and butter site and cannot be down

Try some debugging:

  1. Dev Tools in your browser (F12 on Chrome). Check Console for messages.
  2. Check the Firewall Events Log in under Firewall.
  3. Check server logs.

It could be just as simple as Rocket Loader incompatibility. You can disable this in the Speed -> Optimizations tab.

Nothing comes up in the console at least to do with these plugins. A cookie is expired and another has a bad attribute. The Cloudfare Firewall log events do not show anything but netherland hackers. I did delete all the rules it had as I didn’t add any and it changed nothing and the rules deleted are being added back. Rocket Loader is actually disabled on both sites. Looking up the cloudflare app to the site I allowed it to choose the best setup for wordpress and it showed rocket loader disabled. Apache Error Logs show nothing. Access logs show a 200 Success code on the Post Request

From the Wordpress Site Health on both of these sites I do have these issues. An active PHP session was detected

The Rest API Encountered an error cUrl error 28

Site Could Not Complete Loopback Request cUrl error 28

Both sites have this identically one is years old and like stated earlier one was just uploaded last night on default theme and only these crocoblock plugins, elementor, woocommerce and wordfence have been added to the site.


So I went around disabling plugins on the new unused site not my new site and one of the plugins I’m trying to update is actually causing the open PHP Session which is causing the cURL and Loopback issue. But even with these plugins disabled and no PHP Session cURL or loopback errors showing I still cannot add the license number on this website and the active bread and butter website I tried this and it still gives me an error of This package could not be installed. PCLZIP_ERR_BAD_FORMAT (-10) : Unable to find End of Central Dir Record signature.

Like I stated earlier there are 8 active websites on this server all on the same setup except these two. The only difference between these 2 websites on this server is they are connected to cloudflare.

I did disable cloudflare entirely on the new site and still not able to get my license activated.

I do not know what happened. All of a sudden it began working. So I have no solution to provide anyone. My main bread and butter website is still receiving the bad zip file error, so I don’t fully know what’s going on there but it’s ok I’m used to uploading the plugins for it.

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