Cannot update htaccess nor even erese empty spaces

Cannot update htaccess nor even erese empty spaces. leads to server error 500 contact webmaster then i fix it copying a new htacess but still can’t update or edit htacces at all without error i have wp rocket autoptimize and Cloudflare plus short pixel cdn images

It’s best to use something like SFTP to connect directly to the server’s IP address.

A 500 is a server error, so it could just be a security monitor blocking such behavior. You’d have to check server logs for this.

Does Cloudflare protect htaccess?

htaccess is essentially adding configuration on a per-directory tree for Apache. It happens completely within Apache’s domain, and Cloudflare has zero influence on it; The only thing Cloudflare could do is to maybe limit users from reading the .htaccess file itself, if requested by the user (which has nothing to do with regards to actually processing it for other requests; that is determined by AccessFileName/AllowOverride directives in Apache’s config file). In default configuration, Apache itself blocks access to .htaccess with a Limit clause…

.htaccess access is a way to change the configuration on-the-fly during during runtime and that file should not be (and is not by default) accessible. Hence there shouldnt be need for such a question in the first place.

That being said, I do not believe Cloudflare would filter requests for .htaccess, however there might be an applicable rule in WAF. But again, that really is something that should not be remotely covered by Cloudflare.

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