Cannot unsubscribe to the cloudflare newsletter email spam

I cannot seem to unsubscribe from newsletter emails. Just got one right now: From Basic to Pro: Discover the Benefits of Upgrading I have tried countless times to unsubscribe and it says I’m already unsubscribed. I do keep receiving them, and it is not like a unsubscribed last week.

Example email I received today:

I have check the message headers and it does come from

When I click unsubecribe it redirects me to the profile page ( and I’m no subscribed to any emails.

I know that this is not a fluke because I have multiple accounts and I get spam newsletters in all of them. I have just double checked all accounts before submitting the post and they all said “Cloudflare may not send me emails”.

Please fix this.

My Communication Preferences:

Hi @franciscopcmarques,

Thank you for reporting this.

We apologize for this mistake. This issue is now solved.

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