Cannot uninstall Cloudflare WARP

*I am using Win 11 Home 64x, and have been using Cloudflare WARP for several months. The latest update failed and stopped Internet access. I restored from backup and found that stopping the app stops Internet access, even though my wireless shows I’m connected. This is a conundrum: I cannot upgrade and cannot stop the app. I need advice on how to restore Internet settings when WARP is not running. It sets something in PC such that there is no internet access without it. Otherwise, I must continue using the current version. Any help is welcome. Thanks.

I also had this issue. Go to Control Pannel > Network and Internet > Network and Sharing Center > Change Adapter Settings > right click and Properties > both TCP/IPv4 TCP/IPv6 Properties > Obtain an IP address automatically + Obtain DNS server address automatically > Restart and Reconnect

Thanks for your reply. As life goes, I happened to discover this solution approximately an hour ago and am so relieved. It was much simpler than I had imagined.

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