Cannot Transfer Domain

Hi Im trying to transfer my domain from google domains but its not working
I have already unlocked the domain, turned off privacy protection and provided the auth code
the error message simply says something went wrong Please retry transferring this domain. You have not been charged.

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where do you want to transfer the domain?

I’m having the same issue!

are you trying to transfer from google domains?

Nope, they are all on Porkbun

did you change the DNS server the same day you tried to transfer?

No, I didn’t touch the DNS settings since a long time. I simply tried to transfer and it failed.

i checked here:Whois Lookup Captcha it says that the domains has clientTransferProhibited
try allowing the transfer the setting should be something like unlock domain or something similar. If you cant find it in your settings try asking your registrar

Oh, actually, I just noticed that there is a typo in the domain. It’s actually with only one L.

That one is correctly reflected as “OK” in the website you linked.

ah i have no idea then sry try creating a ticket with support

I already tried that, but I received an automated response telling me that they don’t offer ticket support to free plans anymore :slightly_frowning_face:

It seems that the issue was probably related to my payment method (paypal).

I changed it to a different one, and then it worked! :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: :rocket: :partying_face:

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