Cannot transfer domain from Google to Cloudflare with error "Forbidden access to domain"

I’m trying to transfer a domain from Google Domain to Cloudflare, but I got error after the finalize page.

Something went wrong…
Forbidden access to domain.
The following domains failed to transfer

I already turned off domain lock, and DNSSEC is disabled.

I was able to transfer another domain last week, not sure what’s the issue here. And when I look the browser console, it has a lot of 404 errors to the address.

Did I miss anything? Thanks for helping.

Attached the screenshot for more information.

If you check the audit log you can see the reason this failed, Action Details:Transfer on domain ____ was reject because it's zone is pending. Please complete zone activation and then transfer the domain.

Looks like nameservers are not yet set to cf and zones are pending.


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