Cannot transfer domain - says "Not Registered"

When I try to transfer a domain in to Cloudflare registrar, I get an error saying:

The following domain is unavailable for transfer, for the following reason:
Not registered

It definitely is registered and has been for many years. Cloudflare is happily serving DNS for it too.

Please can you let me know what we need to do to resolve this?

Many thanks


This whois shows that it is definitely registered. I know as I am a Nominet member and the IPS tag is currently set to my company.

Questions about Cloudflare Registrar will need to be resolved by the Customer Support team and cannot be resolved on the Community.

To contact the Registrar team, please submit a new support request from your Cloudflare account directly through the Cloudflare dashboard. Visit and choose Cloudflare Registrar. Please share your ticket number here so that we can track it.

Many thanks, I raised a ticket 6 days ago, the ticket reference is #3279106.

If someone could look at this as a matter of urgency, I would really appreciate it, as we need to migrate this domain back to Cloudflare Registrar.

Many thanks


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