Cannot transfer a *.house TLD from Google (Donuts) to Cloudflare

I have three domains registered through Google Domains; two of the three have been successfully transferred to Cloudflare with no issues (a *.com and a *.us domain). For whatever reason, by third domain with a HOUSE TLD will not appear as a selection on Cloudflare’s transfer page.

The house domain is un-locked, privacy protection disabled, DNSSEC disabled, configured to use CF nameservers, and greater than 60-days after being initially registered. I’ve been trying for over a week to get this transferred, and nothing I do works. Any suggestions?

I do see that it’s on Cloudflare’s TLD list:

And it looks like you did everything right. I don’t even think you need to do the unlock and disable DNSSEC just to get it to show up on the potential transfer list, but you’ve certainly been thorough.

Just to confirm, you say it’s using CF name servers. Is it Active in your account?

Is it going to expire soon?

If so, then please open a ticket via email: support AT cloudflare DOT com and explain what’s going on.
The ticket will probably auto-close, but please post the Ticket # here so we can escalate it. It will probably have to wait until Monday since it’s the weekend.


Correct, two CF name servers are currently active on the account. Everything works fine as far as management of the domain through Cloudflare. Google shows an expiration date of 9/27/2022. An ICANN whois lookup shows domain status as “active” (once unlocked). There is no clientTransferProhibited status shown anywhere.

Is there a limitation on the minimum length of the domain?Reference Ticket #2322576 with subject: Unable to transfer from Google to Cloudflare. The ticket was automatically closed due to my account being free plan-type.

You mean the domain name itself? I’ve not heard of such a thing.

I’ve put this in the escalation queue. Someone here should re-open and reply soon.

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