Cannot submit abuse report for domain;

I cannot submit an abuse report for because it tells me it’s not a valid domain even though it is.

I send an abuse report to [email protected] clearly stating the issue and of course get an automated reply a day later telling me to submit it via the form that doesn’t accept the domain. I will also be filing an ICANN complaint because of you.

Can you create an Account ticket and share your ticket number here? You can open an Account ticket here,
I can forward it to abuse for you.


That domain is not registered and does not exist. What is it that makes you think it exists and has something to do with Cloudflare?

The domain has been deleted since then.
The issue happens when the domain has 2 dashes in the middle.

It only happens when using the registrar complaint form.

Hi @nixsalik

the domain is not up and running any more.

I know that. The point of my post isn’t to get the domain taken down.
It’s to fix the issue on the abuse form, which i’ve pointed out in my previous reply.

@louise2 there is an issue with the domain submission form logic. It treats any submission with double -- as an invalid domain. I’ve asked for it to be escalated to the proper team for triage and remediation.

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