Cannot solve error 522

Hello, please refer to this topic, which was already closed Disable Cloudflare on site, Error 522 disappears

I apologize for my late reply. I’ve contacted my hosting provider as you recommended and here is their answer:

"I have purged your Cloudflare cache, however, the issue is still present despite of this.

I have also reviewed the server’s Apache error log and your application’s error log files, however, there are no error messages being logged that would indicate the cause of the issue.

As such, I would advise contacting Cloudflare support so that they can provide you with the exact error message that is generated when the 522 Error occurs.

When contacting Cloudflare, please specify that their entire IP address is whitelisted and there are no .htaccess directives blocking the connection and also mention that the Error is displayed instantly, rather than after waiting for an actual timeout."

Up to now, we are unable to solve this error issue.

As the original thread suggested, 5xx errors are triggered at the host. It could be rate limiting, or something else at the network level, rather than the web server (Apache) level.

You’re certainly welcome to contact Support and be sure to let them know how to replicate the problem (which datacenter you’re going through).

Login to Cloudflare and then contact Cloudflare Support by clicking on the Get More Help button.

Thanks for your reply.

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