Cannot "sign in" on support (redirects to auto-logout). When I reply to email it sends spam. Ticket #2414750


I created ticket #2414750 related to some issue with CNAME on a Italian domain.

I got reply asking for a reply if I wanted to proceed. When I reply it shows that my email is spammed. This doesn’t make sense because on google postmaster our IP is green and domain reputation is high, also we never had this problem with gmail and Cloudflare is taking care of our dns, we have spf, dkim, dmarc setup properly.

Then I try to click on the link to view the support ticket on browser

But It keeps redirecting me to a logout page. I tried multiple times to login again, and also used Incognito.
When I try to sign in on support ( ) it auto redirects

The XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX shows an old email. I believe this is a desync with my email because months ago I changed the email on Cloudflare Dashboard but it seems it did not sync with support.

So at this point I’m unable to reply to the ticket because my support signin is desynced and when I reply by email it says it is spam.

How can I get help? Thanks!

Hi, anyone can help? I’m unable to contact support either through the Support property or by email :frowning:

I changed my email on dashboard and now when I try to login in Zendesk to see the status of tickets it auto logs out saying User+is+invalid%3A+Email%3A++XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX+has+already+been+taken in the URL.
My emails when I reply also doesn’t reach support because it says it goes to a spam filter. So I have no way to contacting Cloudflare and fixing my problems
Any help is very much appreciated

Hi @urb,

I’ve escalated this and requested a sync of your account email to Zendesk.


hi @domjh
thank you so much for taking care of this.
any idea how long should I wait until getting a reply before following-up?

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I’m hoping it should be today as community escalations are not usually actioned on weekends.



Have your verified your new email address after you changed it?
We do see in our system that the email verification emails were sent. Have you received and verified the new email addresses?


Hi @AnjanaM
Yes I’ve received and verified the emails before, but it still shows my old email in the error message when I try to login in Zendesk

I am able to login in with no problem but when I login on it succeeds asking for email+password, then Authy verification, but then it redirects with this URL User+is+invalid%3A+Email%3A++XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX+has+already+been+taken so it seems that the email in Zendesk is desynched

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