Cannot share image to media social

Hi this my web , image post can’t appear to media social and i ithink my ip cloudflare get problem. Can u help me developer ?

What happens when you share things on social media?
Please also provide a screenshot or error message.

The nameservers have been moved from Cloudflare, Does seem like that change is propagating. Was that intentional?

And, +1 to sharing the error message & screenshot!

I tried to deactivate and reactivate again, hoping my post pictures could appear on social media. U can see my page is blank

On fb, I’m getting Sorry, this content isn't available right now. But, similar conversation here, Facebook Preview Images Blocked.

(BTW, I see the ns change back to cf and the site is active again.)

now I try to block, from some suspicious areas. But u can see this twet :pray:

Can i get different ip??? For this web

A different IP won’t matter if the bot is blocked as indicated in the linked thread.

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