Cannot setup Full SSL on port 443 but can on port 8443

On my server I setup so that it can access by IP like this: → work → work

And I try to setup SSL: → Does not work with Flexible & Full → Work with Flexible & Full

Can anyone explain me why the custom port works but the original 443?

Similar topic, reminds me on this one:

If the IP address is the same, and if both ports 443 and 8443, and 80 and 8080 are openned to, I think it should work, while 8443 and 8080 are alternative ports to 443 and 80.

On what port is your application working or proxy?
Does it run on both or only on one of them?

Your web server needs to be listening for HTTPS on Port 8443. Then Cloudflare will proxy any visitor requests on 8443 through to your server.

Does anything change when you switch from :orange: cloud to :grey: cloud?
Is the SSL certificate self-signed or purchased, or an Cloudflare Origin CA certificate?
Does it cover main domain and sub-domain(s) like www?

When I try now, I got 522 timeout Cloudflare error.
Who is your hosting provider?
Have you tried following the steps from as written in the article from below?:

Have you allowed Cloudflare IP addresses to connect to your new host/origin?

Both of them are compatible with Cloudflare as follows in the below article:

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Thank you so much, I setup my own local server and I really that the reason is my router blocks port 80 & 443

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