Cannot setup DNS for .gg domain

The domain is owned in one Cloudflare account, and we are trying to point it to the name servers of another Cloudflare account. But after 3 days, it is still never showing as active.

“ is not yet active on Cloudflare.”

Cloudflare also currently shows a “Pending Name Server Update” but this never resolves. A WHOIS request shows that the domain is already pointing to the correct name servers:

Is there something I’m missing somewhere? Does Cloudflare maybe have problems with .GG domains?

You will need to move your domain to a different registrar and back to achieve your desired objective.

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Resolution of stops at the .gg nameservers with           86400   IN      NS           86400   IN      NS

Not something I’ve seen before, but it looks like the problem is at the registrar.

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