Cannot set forwarding rule

using cloudflair to connect to clickfunnels
i have the dns set up
now at the page rule
put in my domain /*
settings: forwarding URL 301 perm redirect
the problem is the destination URL will not work, gives me an error code
i use this:$1

and is says invalid forwarding URL

i just put in
and it worked,

is this correct??

well LOL that didnt work, any suggestions?

Post a screenshot of your page rules.

So you want to redirect all www requests to the naked domain?

Did you make sure the www record is proxied?

i dont know what either of those two mean, sorry

i just checked and the CNAME is proxied

Is that the only page rule?

yes it is

And the rule is enabled?

just tried again, it does not work

But the rule is enabled?

The rule looks okay and if it is the only rule and if it is enabled it should just work. If it still does not I could only refer you to support.

One last question, you dont have any workers in place, do you?

Alright, the rule is enabled and the setup looks - as mentioned - correct. At this point I am afraid I’d have to refer you to support.

Maybe try purging your Cloudflare cache, though the redirect does not seem to come from the cache anyhow.

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