Cannot send OTP

Hi please kindly fix mail system of Cloudflare i cant recieved token in my email address
also no Cloudflare email in spam folder

Hi @anhdoge,

What exactly is the issue? Is it a password reset email or an account verification email that you are not receiving?

Cloudflare account verification cant recieved in my inbox

Can you check:

  • The email address is correct in the Cloudflare account

  • You can receive emails from elsewhere

  • It has not gone into junk/spam

  • You have tried resending the email from Cloudflare

  • You have waited a sufficient amount of time to check whether it arrives.

there was no option for resending email on Cloudflare

I thought there was… Will test this to check the emails in a minute


If I refresh the account page, this option appears again so I can resend the email. I received my test email fine, so it would appear to be working…

thanks i will try, i will update if i successfully logon

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still did not work

Oh… That email - sorry, I was thinking of the wrong one!

If you have checked all the above, I would suggest you email [email protected] from your account email with the details.

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thanks i will try now

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hi sir one last question how long Cloudflare support would be reply can i know just i need to know how long

It depend on your plan type.

Approximate times:
Enterprise: A few minutes
Business: A few minutes
Pro: A few hours
Free: Up to a few days

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