Cannot see videos in localhost

Strange issue, domain restrictions with no signed URLs are working, except for localhost. I’ve added localhost, the domain of the office and office’s IP, but no luck. The domain restrictions work fine when copied to a production server.

localhost, *, 207.x.y.z

I’ve tried with http://localhost and https://localhost

Any ideas would be appreciated, thanks.

I admit this isn’t something I’ve ever tried. But if you lift domain restrictions, it works?

Maybe @zaid or @renan know the technical limitations of Stream domain restrictions.

Yes, it works fine without domain restrictions, and if I implement non-localhost domain restrictions, they also work.

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Are you serving localhost on port 80/443 for http/https respectively? If not, you need to include the port number in the origin restriction.

Thanks! I was not using a standard port. Adding it worked!


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