Cannot see member account in my dashboard

I have added a member to my dashboard, I cannot pick him from the account menu and I cannot see the domain that he has created, however he can pick me from the menu and see the domians that I have created - I am the super Administrator

Hi @dzed,

I am not entirely clear on the issue here, have they added a new domain to the account that you are super admin of? You won’t be able to see his account, but domains he adds to the account he has access to should show in your account.

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Hi, I am quite sure that it should be the other way around.
He should be the one to add you as a member so you can see the domains he has configured.

The way you did you actually added him as a member of your account, letting him see the domains you have configured, which is why he can see your account on the menu.

Edit: *Unless he adds the site under your account (after selecting your account on the menu), which would work just like @domjh said.

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I think i understand now - I thought adding him in to my account as a member would allow me to see what domains he created. It sounds like he has to create the domain(s) under my account (through his login) for me to see them. thanks for the replies

Yes, precisely this. He would need to add you for you to see the domains added to his account.

No problem :slight_smile:

Is it possible to move the domain that the member created in his account to my account?

You will just have to add it to the correct account and change the nameservers to point there. You will need to reconfigure it as the config won’t copy across with it.

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