Cannot save settings in Wordpress


Hi. I could not save any settings in WP, eg updating plugins, saving posts etc. After turning off Cloudflare the problem disapeared. What could it be? Is there a setting in Cloudflare that could be responsible for that issue.

Does anybody know?


That sounds like a caching issue. Do you have any Page Rules with caching?


No. Only bypass cache on wp-login.php


I’ve not had this happen, but how about going to Cloudflare’s Speed tab and disabling Rocket Loader?

Another test would to be to go to Cloudflare’s Overview section and use Quick Actions to put your site into Development Mode.


The problem disappeared and back again. Now you cant add comments on posts. Rocket loader is off. Actually everything is off apart form Auto Minify HTML and CSS.


Does going into Development Mode fix it?


Pausing and then resuming after awhile fixes the problem.


How is Dev Mode going to help? Thank you for your advice.

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