Cannot revoke existing SSL

Trying to revoke an exiting SSL certificate under Origin Server Tab I got the following error Failed to read certificate from Database (Code: 1101). Any help here?


Is your domain active at Cloudflare (pointed nameservers and green :white_check_mark: under your websites list for your Cloudflare account)?

May I ask have you tried writing a ticket and contacting Cloudflare support due to issue?

Please, if so, could you share a ticket number here with us in a reply? @cloonan could check.

I believe Cloudflare have got a method of manually revoking the origin CA certs, and Support would possible go that route, if so.

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Thanks @fritexvz for your reply.
Yes domain is active on CF. I have opened a ticket to customer support so I believe they should be able to delete it or fix it.

Request ID: #2120894

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