Cannot restrict my website to IP with using SSL

Hello All,

I have restrict my website IP connection to be only from VPN networks and my website works on subdomain.

When I visit my website via my VPN on http it’s open fine, but the issue happen when I visit it by https

I don’t know why ,I think and assume ,Cloudflare is intercepting the connections or it uses different IPs/subnets for SSL traffic

Any solutions


First: what issue exactly?

Yes. It’s a proxy. Traffic between Cloudflare and you is encrytped with a certificate issued by Cloudflare. The connection between Cloudflare and your server uses your certificate. Therefore they need to decrypt and immediately encrypt the traffic again. It’s the same behavior as a local web proxy you’d use on (company) LANs.

The my website is restricted only to server IP ,and work find with http

The issue is blocked with https

I need to know which proxy IP that Cloud-flare use with https ,so I can add this IP in whitelist my server firewall

Whitelist this ranges

I got Error 522 Connection timed out if my connection was from HTTPS

Is your webserver configured to use SSL?
Did you open port 443 on your firewall?

Yes the port 443 is open
And no need for configured because the SSL over the cloudlfare

When the SSL setting is set to “Full”, the origin server also needs to be set up with its own HTTPS certificate and be able to respond on port 443 itself.

I have set SSL settings “Flexible”

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