Cannot restore my account

Hi there,

I used to have an account associated to an e-mail but when I try to recover my password for that account I don’t receive any email (I have checked my SPAM folder but nothing). I opened a ticket but was directed to this Community. If I try to create a new account with that email it says it’s already in use.

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Did you open that ticket using the email you are using here or using the email associated with the account you are having issues with?

You should email support from the email address of the account you are having issues with, email support AT cloudflare DOT com and share the ticket number here.

For the account you are using here, check your profile page, you have told us your Communication Preferences are that Cloudflare may not send me emails.

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Thanks! I emailed support from the account I’m having trouble to recover and the ticket number is 2197772.

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Got it, thank you. I put your ticket into my queue and will keep track of progress here and in the ticket.

I see the zone that was in that account was removed and the name servers no longer point to cloudflare.

A whois shows an update from 4/27, I don’t know if the domain expired which causes the
nameservers to revert to the prior names and the zone/domain to be automatically purged from that account, but that is a common factor we see in instances like this.

Unfortunately, that email cannot be reused for a year so your best bet would be to add the domain to your new account and change the nameservers to the two on that account. Sorry for the troubles but please post back and let us know how you’re progressing.

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So the short answer is that I won’t be able to recover or reuse that account for a year, is that right? For now I’m only using Cloudflare Web Analytics so it’s not a big deal, I just wanted to have it associated with that email account.