Cannot resolve my site use

sorry for my bad english,I’m from Hong Kong

I have a free dynamic DNS hostname service come from my TPLink router,I use static IP,and use this service made a hostname redirected to my IP.

and I have raspberry PI 3B+,install ubuntu + pihole (enable DNSSEC,upstream DNS use + dnscrypt-proxy

in dnscrypt-proxy config file,I use (Cloudflare) to resolve hostname,everything alright,except I can’t resolve my site,I use dig @ can’t resolve my site.

but I use,it can resolve.

google DNS can resolve my site but cloudflare DNS can’t

that’s mean use,I can’t access when I use my pihole + dnscrypt-proxy, use I can access.

I wan’t to use,but why I have this strange problem?

please see the attach picture

thank you.

The DNS configuration of seems to be broken.

thank you,I forgort to test only resolve,but why can resolve my hostname but can’t?

I just try to use opendns dig my site it can resolve my hostname,also work.

anyway I just curious want to know why it have this problem,thanks for your help.

:wave: @i553041,

Cloudflare is a DNSSEC validating resolver. The DNSSEC is broken as @sandro mentioned. If you fix that it should resolve.


Google might use some cached values. No idea, guessing.

The only thing I can tell so far is the entire domain does not resolve.