Cannot resolve my domain

My Domain is And I have used it for 6 months. But it seems any dns cannot be found under this domain.

Hmm, on the DNS app of the cloudflare dashboard, is the cloud next to the A record with of your domain name :orange: or :grey:, if :grey:, click to turn :orange:. Did you make any changes to your hosting provider or other configuration changes?

I click to turn on. It seems nothing to happen. I haven’t change anything about my host.

Can you do the same for the www record?

OK I did it 5 minutes ago.

Thank you, the DNS_PROBE_FINISHED_NXDOMAIN error is still there and the records are not responding. And, I suspect this is the reason why, According to ICANN:

This status code is set by your domain’s Registry Operator. Your domain is not activated in the DNS.

You’ll need to contact your domain registrar to release that hold.