Cannot renew or register domain (paypal, .uk)

An automatic renewal failed today, email cited billing issue, however my paypal account shows money taken, then refunded.

OK, but then:

I just tried to register a domain, on a different Cloudflare account, paid via paypal, all OK, but then when taken back to cloudfare, it says

" Domain registration failed

We are sorry! Something went wrong."

And the money was refunded back to paypal.

My hunch is a problem at Cloudflare or nominet, but the error does not give any useful information.

If it helps, both the renewal and registration are for .uk domains, could be a registry issue.

Possibly related - I’m currently unable to renew a domain, repeatedly getting the following error:

“We were unable to process your payment. To keep your domain registration, update your payment method.”

I always get this error using two different VISA cards and also Paypal (all payment methods that have previously worked fine).

However, I was just able to renew a .com with no problems. It seems the issue is only affecting NOMINET domains and the payment error above is misleading.

This is urgent because I have two domains I’m currently unable to renew. I’ve filed a support ticket but yet to hear anything.

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fortunately expired .uk domains continue to work for ~23 days part expiry, so hopefully you have enough time.

Do you have a ticket number with [email protected]?

I didnt as I wasnt aware of that email address, but even so, I dont think it’s a billing issue anyway. I can wait for it to be resolved by itself - would assume there are controls in place for too many failed domain operations.

Also I tend not to use email these days as they often get rejected by mail servers because my servers IP doesnt have enough reputation. (probably not the case with Cloudflare, though)

I put a ticket in a few hours ago (2450569) but yet to hear anything. I agree it doesn’t seem to be a billing issue because I can renew .com domains but not

Billing & Registrar support are overlapping teams so it will still get to the right people, thanks for the ticket number.

It seems the domain registration form has changed since yesterday;

Now, when I click to pay with paypal, nothing happens - I cannot pay.

edit: it seems the registrant form now requires the “organization” field to be filled, but theres no error message displayed when trying to pay. Previously, this field was not required and as an individual, it shouldnt be . Filling in the organisation field with my name, allowed the paypal payment to complete.

However a couple of automatic renewals worked this morning at least.

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