Cannot renew domain issue

Hello Cloonan,

I do have the exact same error once I try to renew my domain that is expiring on 14 May. then i tryed to extend my other domains, all has the same issue!

Payment error: authorization failed for [“MyDomain”] (Code: 10000)!

my ticket number is 3243954.

appreciate your help in this.


I will flag this 3243954 for my colleagues in Support. Can you try from incognito mode and let me know if there is any difference. Sorry for the troubles.

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Thanks for your response, I tried that just before texting you and it didn’t work ( chrome, firefox and mobile)
Using confirmed online working visa and master cards as well as paypal.
All fail unfortunately.

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Your ticket has been sent to the billing/registrar team and I have pinged them as well.

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@cloonan @louise2
today is the last day of my domain. still failing the same way as explained eariler.
Payment error: authorization failed for [“------”] (Code: 10000).
what can be plan B is cloudflare are unable to renew/extened this domain?

The domain has transfer lock as i updated my contact information couple of weeks back. i am not able even to transfer it to another registrar! any proposed solution today will be very appreciated…

i am losing the domain!!!

domain lock is enabled till july but it is expiring today and i don’t see any real action. two weeks of no solution!
what should i do, what options do i have?
i wish to be able to move it out of cloudflare to solve this issue but it is already locked here