Cannot remove custom hostname

Hi Friends, this one is for the support techies out there!

We were hosted with Shopify, but now we are no longer using their service. The domain is “vistaflags com”, and we cannot enable any proxying or Load Balancers. We get a message saying “There was a problem loading this website. Try refreshing the page. If the site still doesn’t load, please try again in a few minutes”.

All the web searches point to what Cloudflare support says in it’s support docs.

I tried to tell Shopify to release whatever holds they had on my domain name, but to no avail. They said it was all done. Obviously not.

Support, can you get this setup please?

Dave Smith

Email [email protected] explaining the issue, mentioning your domain and that you need the Shopify SSL for SaaS churned hostname removing, then post the auto-reply ticket number you get here.

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#2498623. Thank you

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I’ve escalated this ticket to support for you.

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Thank you all, they have responded that it is all resolved now :slight_smile:

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