Cannot remove custom host name (Shopify and Cloudflare) ticket 2315711

Per a reply to a negative review of Cloudflare on an online review site… Cloudflare provided the response below.

I am submitting here for support as this is apparently the only support option on ticket 2315711 with subject “Cannot remove custom #hostname [Cloudflare Support] 2315711”. Please resolve this issue ASAP.

Reply from Cloudflare

I understand that you don’t use cloudflare and are not a customer.

***To answer your question, #Shopify has is an issue with removing their hostnames and that prevents a new domain from being added to cloudflare directly. This has been discussed a lot on the Community. If affected by this, contact the old provider and ask them to remove any Cloudflare configurations for the domain, specifically SSL for SaaS / Custom Hostnames.

If you are unsure who the previous provider is or they say they are unable to help, email support AT cloudflare DOT com with the subject “Cannot remove custom host name” and include the details of the issue. Share the ticket number on and the Cloudflare Support agents working in the Community will assist.

Hi @user12495,

Support will generally ask you to go to your previous hosting provider about this, do you know who that is?

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Thanks for the reply… Yes, the previous host is All the info is in the referenced ticket.

The account was set up by another person and I have no access to the account and they will not provide it. The only option for support at is via ticket which requires an account or account access, so there is no support unless you pay.

I’ve spent 6 hours trying to resolve this issue and both Shopify and Cloudflare have been unwilling or unable to solve it. The DNS points to Shopify but they or Cloudflare are redirecting the site to It’s absurd that the DNS records are not being adhered to or that Shopify is unable to control their internal DNS once a domain resolves to an IP address they own.

That’s not ideal.

Is there no way you can get in touch with them about it? If will be far quicker & easier if you can, they should be able to easily remove the config. Otherwise it can take a while as Cloudflare will have to verify quite a few things with the domain.

I have escalated your ticket but I doubt it will be a very quick process this way.

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Agreed. Unfortunately, the system in place captures your hostname once you give a provider permission to set up a Cloudflare profile on your behalf. If they are unable or unwilling to release that profile, they leave it up to you to chase that goose.

Eventually, though, you’ll be able to convince Cloudflare that you no longer give permission to that one provider (out of the frying pan) and want to transfer that permission to another provider (into the fire).

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I’ve asked for access to the account when I took over this small biz client. The previous “web” person was unwilling to provide access. I left her a message but she’s not a professional and is unhappy about the work she did. She actually created the clickfunnels site in place of the actual site, took the real site offline, and the domain in question is listed on Google and isn’t even the correct domain.

Again, does not appear to offer any support unless you have an account. Cloudflare does not provide support to free clients. Shopify, presumably an enterprise client is unwilling to contact Cloudflare to resolve an issue with their internal DNS, etc. I basically have access to the registrar account and the Shopify stores, but not the old host.

It baffles and really concerns me that with services like Cloudflare, you lose control of your domain’s DNS settings! Cloudflare absolutely needs to handle these issues much better if they are going to get their tentacles all over the internet, instead of supplanting the DNS standards.

I completely understand your frustrations with this, I wish there was an easier way to regain control of the hostnames when trying to move between 3rd parties. As you’re not directly a Cloudflare customer, it puts you in a difficult situation. Ideally the old provider should just remove your domain fully when you stop using them, to avoid these problems.

As I said, I’ve escalated your ticket and hopefully you’ll hear back there soon.


It’s insane that Cloudflare has so much subversive and insidious control of domains they do not own… It baffles and really concerns me that with services like Cloudflare, you lose control of your domain’s DNS settings if Cloudflare deems it so! Cloudflare absolutely needs to handle these issues much better if they are going to get their tentacles all over the internet, instead of supplanting DNS standards.

This is like Power or Attorney. Your old host can add your domain to whatever services they use on your behalf, but if you don’t thoroughly revoke that privilege, you’re kind of stuck until you can prove to the powers that be that you’ve revoked it. You can’t just give Power of Attorney to someone else, then tell people that other entity no longer has that power. In other words, it’s workable, but it’s a hassle.

See, the problem is, the biz owner is 75 years old and trying to hang on to his only form of income, building motorcycle racks. The domain in question is the first position on Google and goes to ClickFunnels instead of his site. This is creating issues for a one-man biz that is struggling to survive and come back from issues where his site was taken offline completely. How can small businesses even survive with almost unusable support from behemoth companies like Cloudflare that will not act quickly to resolve simple issues they control on the business’s behalf?

I’m sorry to hear that, unfortunately there’s nothing we can do to expedite the process. The ticket is in a queue and will be addressed.

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But the owner never signed a power of attorney or knew Cloudflare was controlling his domain. He never signed up for this and he and I are both now stuck with time-sucking support from both Shopify and Cloudfare to fix it. If the site was pointing at another webserver instead of Shopify’s and Cloudfare’s services, this would not be an issue and the hostname would be subject to unknown control. I am absolutely livid and disappointed that Cloudflare and Shopify allow this to occur and do not provide a timely solution. I just want to move on to helping this very small business client make money and I’m spending my time dealing with these ridiculous issues.

I see ticket 2315711 from an hour ago or so, do you have another ticket that you are referencing?

Can you share the name of the domain or mention it in your ticket 2315711?

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After the guy goes out of business? Why can’t Shopify get enterprise support for this on their client’s behalf?

Can you clarify why the hostname is so hard to manage? I’ve worked with websites for 20 years and never had an issue with a hostname when managing or moving domain names until now. This must be specific to how Cloudflare manages its networks and/or Shopify’s integration.

Can you outline the process to address this issue?

Shopify do have Enterprise Support with Cloudflare, however their policies won’t let them share customer data with third parties and they often refuse to talk to Cloudflare on their customers behalf. This is something you should take up with them as I agree it would make things much easier and quicker. They have response times of under an hour from Cloudflare, but send their customers here instead for a variety of reasons. It would be great if they could work out a better process for this with Cloudflare.


Cloudflare have a product aimed at SaaS providers, this is used by Clickfunnels, Shopify and many others. It allows them to use their Cloudflare Enterprise features on their customers domains and add them to their setup. Once they verify control of a hostname (by you pointing it to their service), they control the Cloudflare configuration for it. Due to the way Cloudflare works, this affects future setups. This documentation shows the hostname priority and SSL for SaaS is above the Advanced and Universal setups that regular users have access to. It takes over pretty much any other Cloudflare configuration for the domain

More than one provider can’t have control at the same time, so until the old provider releases the domain from their Cloudflare setup, the new provider can’t add it. This is the issue that Shopify have when trying to provision a customer domain.

The ideal flow would be for the old provider to remove the hostname when you no longer use them, that often does happen with a lot of providers and means this problem doesnt happen.

If that isn’t done, customers sometimes have to contact the old provider to get it released and gain control of the domain themself or allow another SaaS provider to take control of it.

If all else fails, Cloudflare Support will have to manually remove the configuration once they have verified that you are the rightful owner of it and have control. Usually by asking you to add a verification DNS record.

Hopefully this helps explain it, it is an awkward situation when you end up in the ‘all else fails’ part and I hope this can be improved in the future.

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To be clear, I stated that “…both Shopify and Cloudflare have been unwilling or unable to solve it.”

I contacted Shopify and Name Cheap yesterday and spent hours trying to figure out the issue. Shopify told me to contact Cloudflare. I tried to use the Cloudflare site but all the options only pointed me at community posts, not Cloudflare support. I searched for solutions in the community based on Shopify’s suggested cause and only found an unanswered question from another user. I also tried the “Get additional help” at and no solution could be found.

I then tried to call Cloudflare today using the only number available and no phone support is available to non-enterprise customers. I contacted Shopify again and they stated again that only Cloudflare can fix the issue.

I then submitted a ticket to Cloudflare but since it came from an email that is not associated with a Cloudflare account, the ticket was summarily closed.

I then used an old Cloudflare free account I created when considering Cloudflare for my clients in the past (it uses an alias) and submitted the ticket again. The email support bot responded the only support available for free accounts is on the Cloudflare community, which I have never used. I then posted this thread and on a website that I do not use for a company that I am not directly doing business with.

I appreciate that I am now getting replies from humans but getting here was painful and it sounds like the solution will continue to be painful. I guess I now know and learned the painful lesson that the only support option for Cloudflare is to post in the community forums. And, that Shopify will not support their clients if there is a Cloudflare issue, even though it’s Shopify that has a relationship with Cloudflare.

At the same time, I am not getting paid to deal with this issue, I’ve got other work that needs to be done, and I’m trying to help my friend’s dad. Maybe you can understand my frustration with not getting better support options without jumping through so many hoops.

I mentioned the domain in the ticket but here it is again: The www version forwards to Clickfunnels and the non-www version forwards to the correct site. The CNAME DNS record for www, which points to, is apparently where the hostname problem is at Shopify/Cloudflare. It seems crazy to me that a Shopify domain is redirecting to a third party without any way to manage it within the Shopify store or systems…

The team is reaching out to you @user12495 on your ticket with some additional information. Thank you for posting here on the Community.

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Appreciate your responses and more info. Still not pleased with the whole process and issue. It appears Cloudflare provides decent support if you sign up for an account and post to the community. And yet, I absolutely do not like being forced to do this when I have no direct business with a company.

Also, Shopify should have immediately given me the support email for Cloudflare and instructed me to contact via this method. It likely would have led me to a much quicker support option. Another fail for Shopify.

I have now sent an email to ClickFunnels but we’ll see if I get a reply. I also left a phone message earlier today for the lady who set up the ClickFunnels site but have not received a call back and I am not sure if I will. I asked her to remove the domain from her ClickFunnels site, but I’m not sure if this will even fix the issue. Would she need to specifically ask ClickFunnels to remove the hostname?

I would be happy to add a DNS verification record to verify this right now. I can set the TTL to minutes and it will be live.

We do try and help here where we can :slight_smile:

I’m not sure specifically how Clickfunnels handle this. Ideally it would remove the Cloudflare config, but it depends on their setup and may not.

SInce your ticket is now active with Cloudflare, I’d follow the information you receive there now.

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