Cannot remove Cloudflare/Cloudflare Warp from my mac

I’ve searched here and can only find one post for removing from Ventura…solution doesn’t work for me!

I have no idea how Cloudflare ended up on my macbook…it’s the free one…tried all solutions i’ve found but it’s still there.

I can access news websites etc but trying to log in to my bank or any shopping sites the sites just wont load i use Firefox and I’ve tried Chrome browser but i get numerous captures to fill …the only way i can get them to do so is by going in to system settings and turning both off…it’s time consuming and frustrating having to do this every time so I want to remove it completely.

cd /Applications/Cloudflare\
$ ./ gives me nothing found. Any help here please before I have to comletely re-install OS. Thankyou

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