Cannot remove a website from my account


I own a domain registered with Cloudflare (as a registrar) and added to a Cloudflare account A.
I also own a Cloudflare account B.
I wanted to transfer the domain from account A to account B, so I added that domain onto account B.
At some point, I realized that transferring a domain registered with Cloudflare between two Cloudflare accounts isn’t possible (or at least, not without a third-party registrar).

I’m now stuck with a useless domain on account B and I can’t remove it because “The zone cannot be deleted as the domain is currently registered through Cloudflare’s registrar. If you wish to delete the domain registration please contact support for assistance.”, even though this account B isn’t managing the domain as I wasn’t able to transfer it from account A.

What can I do to remove that domain from account B ?


To remove the domain from account A, you’ll need to transfer it to a different registrar first. This will enable you to delete the zone from account A.

After the transfer and ICANN-mandated holds have passed, you can transfer the domain back to the desired Cloudflare account. Unfortunately, direct transfers between Cloudflare accounts aren’t possible at this time.

Thanks for your answer but that’s not what I was asking, sorry if I wasn’t clear enough !
I gave up on transferring the domain from account A to account B.
I just want to leave it on account A and remove it from account B :confused:

Sorry, I misunderstood the issue. It is indeed impossible to delete a pending zone if the domain is registered at Cloudflare Registrar in a different acccount. I did not even consider Cloudflare would have implemented such a limitation.

I have escalated this issue. This is purely a UI limitation, so you can still delete the zone using the API if you do not want to wait for a fix.

I managed to delete it using the API endpoint you provided :+1:
Thanks for your help and quick responses !

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