Cannot Remote Desktop with Action1

I recently implemented Action1 on a few machines to test out their application/system updating abilities. Included in the software is the ability to Remote Desktop into client machines running the Action1 agent.

All client machines are running Cloudflare Zero Trust/Warp.

When my admin machine is disconnected from Warp, I can remote desktop into client machines without issue. However, if my admin machine IS connected to Warp, remote desktop will no longer work.

I tried creating HTTP rules to bypass IP’s listed by Action1.
Search: Action1 Firewall Configuration

Then I tried adding the IP’s from Action1 to Warp’s split tunnel entries. Nothing worked.

Does anyone have experience getting Action1 to work? Or are there any suggestions on how I should configure Cloudflare to allow for this application to Remote Desktop when both client and administrator are connected to Cloudflare Warp/Zero Trust?