Cannot register new domain


I just registered a new cloudflare account and I want to register a domain name.
However, the domain page doesn’t contain anything domain registration related stuff.
I only show a table with no domains in it.

Being a developer, I opened up the browser console and I saw a request made to
that returns status code 403 and the message Registration access forbidden.

Is there a way for me to register a domain name?

Some minutes ago there have been some issues with the Dashboard.

Please see here:

The incident has been resolved, but it may take a bit untill everything is back to normal. So please give the system another 10 min and try again

I still have the same issue.
However, I have purchased the domain from somewhere else.
Thanks for the message!

Wait, what exactly is the case?

  1. the domain is already registered and you want to move it to CloudFlare (as your future registrar)?
  2. the domain is already registered and you want to point it to CloudFlare to use CLoudFlare as DNS?
  3. the domain is not registered yet and you want to register the Domain with CLoudFlare for the first time?

It sounds like #3, which is why they couldn’t do it. (New registrations are closed now)

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Is there an official post why they are closed so we can link this here?

It’s in beta and I don’t even think it shows up for people not in the beta program. Which why OP couldn’t find a link for it.

Admittedly, documentation is poor, as there was a time when it was a public beta. The product page doesn’t make it very clear, except for the “Transfer Now” button. Sadly, there’s also a “Register Now” button, which confuses the issue.

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Does anyone know if there are plans to allow newly registered domains on Cloudflare? I love the way they handle the domains I transferred to them and I love Cloudflare but id prefer not to have to go register with another registrar and wait 60 days+ to then move it to Cloudflare. Its not the most convenient setup but at the same time I can see how Cloudflare would want to make it so its only for transfers at first so worst case scenario if something goes wrong they have somewhere they can send it back to while they figure things out on their end.

This does not apply to ALL tld, but indeed for the .com tld. So if you egister some other tlds they may not have this grace period of 60days.

But I can understand you. I hope this feature will soon become publicly available.

Its actually more of a per-registrar basis but yeah I know what you mean. I don’t think Name cheap is one that allows for opt outs of 60 day locks though, could be wrong. That’s who I used before cloudflare.

"There are certain situations that can prevent a domain name from being transferred to a different registrar, such as a new registration. Your registrar may deny a transfer request if the domain name is within 60 days of initial registration. Another situation is if the domain name is subject to a 60-day Change of Registrant lock. You cannot transfer a domain name to a different registrar within 60 days of making changes to the registrant name, organization or email address (or the Administrative Contact email address, if there is no registrant email address). At their discretion, some registrars may provide an option for you to opt-out of this 60-day lock period. However, this rule is in place for your protection against unauthorized transfers and the registrar does not have to offer this option. If your ultimate goal is to transfer the domain name, you may want to consider completing the transfer process before changing your contact information.

Registrars also have the option of denying a transfer request within 60 days from when you last transferred the domain name to a different registrar. You may have the option to change web-hosting providers instead of registrars to avoid the inter-registrar transfer process (and lock) altogether. You may also update your domain name’s nameservers or change the hosting IP address assigned to your domain name. Check with your registrar and/or hosting provider to see what options you have."

Quote credit: ICANN website.

Yes, #3.
It would have been nice to register new domains with Cloudflare. It would be my first choise.

It was very confusing searching for the register new domain button, form or something…
They could have add a warning.
I searched for 10 minutes for topics on Google, couldn’t find any.

Btw, it would be nice to see other topics like mine when someone posts a new topic.
I couldn’t find anyhting related to my topic. Only after I posted it, it showed me other having same issue.

The registrar program is still really new for Cloudflare, so it makes sense that there isn’t a whole lot of support documentation on it yet. With time the support section for it will populate as more and more people begin using it. I think it’s technically ‘open beta’ currently.

I have come across this same error but upon transferring two domains from another registrar. These have been there for a few years now, they are not new domains.

Is this also expected behaviour? I could not figure out if this has to do with new domains only.


@wadupnaijadotcom, you have a different issue. You entered .co not .com when you attempted to add the domain. It shows as pending for plan type selection in the account you are using here.


after a week from first trying and a few attempts of reloading the page, the 403 error stopped appearing on load but it did pop up once when I entered a incorrect transfer password. After this, I had a validation error on my phone number (format +64987654321) but it validated currently after I followed the example above that field: +64.987654321 (notice the dot in between the country code and the local number).

Hope this helps someone :slight_smile: