Cannot register a domain

I attempted to register a new domain “” to cloudflare. But a message appeared “ is not a registered domain”.

The domain is able to search in whois and I registered for a week already, but still not able to register in cloudflare. Please help!

It looks like your current name servers haven’t fully propagated.

You added random Cloudflare nameservers to your domain before adding it to Cloudflare, that cannot work. Use the search with the error message you got and you will get plenty of options on how to fix that.

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The main point is if I cannot register the domain in cloudflare, I can’t get the nameserver address. It shouldn’t affect I register a domain in cloudflare, right?
I purchased a new domain for a week already and it is able to search in Even the name servers haven’t fully propagated, it shouldn’t affect a user to register the domain in cloudflare.

It’s exactly what I wrote before, not sure what’s not clear about that. Also, did you use the search? If so, it should be clear by now.

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