Cannot receive verification email

Hi Cloudflare team,

Can you please tell me why I have not received a verification email from you?

For context, I accidentally entered the wrong email address, after realising it, I created the same exact email to fix the issue. However, after creating it, I still haven’t got any verification email after clicking resend.

Please help! Thank You.

Emir Danial

Hi @cloonan,

I just submitted a topic in the community but I saw the same issue here as well, could you please help me?

It’s a bit odd that I can get a verification email to join the community but not account verification.

Thank you!


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Kindly, be patient and wait for a reply.
Cloudflare team is aware of your case and will resolve it as soon as possible.

Please, take a note and do not overuse and overtag @ people here as it could result in a temporary ban.

Thank you for understanding.


Thank you so much for replying on my case, as it is quite distressing that I might have to lose all the work done. Please pardon me for over tagging people and replying in another topic, will not happen again!

Looking forward to your response soon. Thanks again!

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Hi @emir2 i do see the bounced emails and took steps to correct that. Please let us know if you continue to have issues. Sorry for the trouble, you should be good to go to login now.


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