Cannot receive verification email from registrant contact


I’ve applied for email address change in registrant contact (I hope to transfer the website out of Cloudflare, disable DNSSEC on the older provider, and transfer it back here)

During the process, I found out that I have a registrant contact email pointed to this domain (that could not be resolved due to DNSSEC issue), and thus resulted in no confirmation email could be deliver to the previous (existing) registrant contact email address.

I want to change the said registrant contact email so I can receive email again, and proceed with domain transfer. Anyone have any suggestion? Thank you.

If you have registered the domain with Cloudflare ,

This might help you

Yeah, I have a domain registered with Cloudflare.

Unfortunately for the change to be approved, it will send approval email to both the new and old email, but since the old email address could not be resolved/delivered, this option is not feasible.

Thank you for your suggestion.

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You should be able to open a Registrar ticket in your dashboard at under ‘get more help’.

They may be able to help with the DNSSEC issue to save you transferring out and back in or just with getting the contact info sorted.

Once you get a ticket number, please post it here.

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Thank you so much for your suggestion! I have contacted the support team and get the ticket number already.

The ticket number is #2385899.

Hi there-

Our engineering team have removed the DS records and that has fixed the issue. I also sent you a reply on the ticket.

Thank you,


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