Cannot receive reset password email

The community responded to the reply to the email, but still did not receive the email, spammaill did not reset the email. I also sent a message to support for support, but only sent me a general reset password process can not solve the problem. very worried about

Can you post the Ticket # from the Support response?

This is the reply email I received.

{Pii redacted}

Use this account to send help mail
This account is the account I want to reset my password

Ok, it looks like Ticket #1757984


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If you reply to that one, it should escalate to a person in Support.

yes #1757984

I originally wanted to use the [ pii redacted ] account to register the community, but I also could not receive the verification email.

Add a tag when replying to this email? Is there any place to pay attention?

I haven’t replied to me after sending the email. I haven’t solved it yet. Is there any other way to reset my password? ?

No. You need to wait for their reply. We don’t have access to your account or Cloudflare‘s tickets.

Maybe @cloonan can have a look.


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