Cannot receive mails

Hello the authority,
I’m having a serious issue. I can send emails from my hosting provider but cannot receive… When I checked cPanel > Email Deliverability > it says:

A “DKIM” record does not exist for this domain.
To properly configure your DKIM key, the record must use this server’s DKIM key.

This system does not control DNS for the “” domain. You can install the suggested “DKIM” record locally. However, this server is not the authoritative nameserver. If you install this record, this change will not be effective. Contact the person responsible for the “” and “” nameservers and request that they update the “DKIM” record with the following:

(I replaced original to dash.dash for secoority)

please, help me. I can’t receive emails… what to do???

DKIM is for sending email, but your host should be able to tell you what that TXT record should look like.

As far as sending, the most common problem is using a :orange: Proxied hostname for sending/receiving mail.

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before I could send mails but after watching video and doing some steps, now can’t send or receive mails. Why cloudflare didn’t complete all the process while they added many things by themselves.

Your MX record is properly set up to receive email, but mxtoolbox reports that your ‘mail’ hostname does not support TLS.

Just make sure all your mail apps are configured to send/receive through the ‘mail’ hostname.

If you’re having problems with your ‘mail’ hostname, contact your host to see if there is a problem with your mail server at that IP address.

everything was ok and perfect… whenever I added my site to Cloudflare, I’m having one after one problems… first www issue and now mail issue. I think they are doing this on purpose. just to know our private info…they can add everything, so why not this ■■■■ MX or mailing records… Just waiting for few hours then I’ll delete my sites from this service

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