Cannot Receive Emails

I use my server running Windows Server 2019 and it runs my websites using Internet Information Services.

The server is a Dell PowerEdge T140-MT in my Living Room and you can see it on my website at

The websites are created using WordPress and I use Cloudflare to have HTTPS and all runs smoothly.

The built-in WordPress Email system uses an SMTP plugin to route the emails via
I did all the tests and it sends emails to the inboxes of my other email and subscribers inboxes.

I installed MailEable to send and receive email from set mailboxes like [email protected]

I have set up using the built-in email app on my Windows computer and can send emails to my other Email inboxes.

The DNS is set up the way I followed all instructions but have I missed something?
I created a screenshot with my public IP address blurred out.

I have read some of the other topics on the forums but going around in circles trying to get the email system to receive Emails.

I had it receiving Emails once but they kept going into the junk and spam boxes so set up Email Routing as suggested by the system.

I ran the email Diagnostics Utility and everything is green and I can see it’s picked up Cloudflare servers.

Any help is very appreciated.

Updated: 24/12.2023

I managed to solve the problem I had with not receiving Emails. I can now receive Emails in all my inboxes and can still send them. Both sending and receiving take about 10 and 20 seconds and when sent from one of my private email addresses will end up in the inboxes of my email addresses. Sometimes they might end up in the junk or spam.

If you look at the screenshot you can see the alterations I made to my DNS.

The two images below show the MailEnable diagnostics Utility and how everything is working now the way it should.

Notice in the screenshot below that it shows I have no CNAME. There are CNAME setups that you can see in the first screenshot. Even a CNAME lookup website says CNAMES are missing so not understand what is happening via Cloudflare. Does not bother me too much as long as things are working. I will keep researching it to find out what I have missing or incorrectly set.

Created a section about Virgin Media and two of their Superhubs and hope what I did to fix it might help others.

I read on the forum about people who have Virgin Media as their Service Provider in the United Kingdom and have problems forwarding port 25 because when they try they get a message that pops up about reserved ports and not being able to forward port 25. I found a simple solution for this but if the router reboots you will have to reenter it.

Open the Network folder on your computer. Mine is a Windows 11 Computer and you should see any other computer on the network if using a computer in a business or another computer is used at home on the same local network. Right-click on your router image and click properties then click the settings in the box on the middle right. Click Add and enter the details like I have in the image below. Your local IP address will not be the same as mine. The local IP address you see is for my Windows 2019 Server. Once you enter the details Just click ok again and you are all done you should start receiving emails.

For Linux users, I am not sure if it’s the same or similar setup because I do not use Linux. It should also be the same if you using another type of router but should not have problems with port 25. I do not know of any other routers that have this problem but only see a lot on Virgin Media forums about their Hub 3 and Hub 4. People are saying there are no problems with Hub 1 and 2 and it only happened with 3 and 4 after certain firmware updates and people are being told to go into the router setting to put the router into modem mode and use another brand of router. All good if the router will handle the high upload and down from the fibre-optic router. This might help people save money and not have to buy a second router. It is only in the U.K. where we have some of these problems due to our service providers being private companies and putting profit before the customer. We also have a problem with the other companies blocking all the main ports like 80 and 443 and your public IP address is dynamic meaning it will change at some point and will make you pay for a static IP address. Virgin Media who I am with only has a static IP address and I have never had any problems with them so far. Customer service can be a bit like the other private companies a bit like robots sticking to a script at times. I hope this helps others reading this because the Topic will close in a few days and you will not be able to reply.

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