Cannot receive emails in Thunderbird

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I just installed an Origin Certificate for SSL/TSL. It seems that since then Thunderbird can’t receive emails. I can send emails but I also get an error message "a copy was not placed in your sent folder due to network or file access errors. "

All was working fine before adding the Origin Certificate.


Are you using Cloudflare? Did you just add the origin certificate or do the whole Cloudflare setup?

Is the origin certificate the same for both the web and mail server? Are you using the Cloudflare origin certificate? (If so, that certificate is only designed for Cloudflare to connect to your origin, it won’t be trusted by other applications).

This is new to me. I was told to add a Cloudflare Origin Certificate to mt server to stop AutoSSL certificate notices. So I did this. And now Thunderbird can’t fetch emails. That’s all I know.

Cloudflare Origin certificates are only trusted by Cloudflare. That means they can only be used for HTTP(S) traffic proxied by Cloudflare, not for anything else (like email).

If you have problems with AutoSSL, you can create a Configuration Rule and disable Automatic HTTPS Rewrites and Browser Integrity Check, and also set Security Level to Essentially Off for the /.well-known/acme-challenge/ path.

If you have any WAF rules, you might also need to add an exception for this path.

I have removed the origin certificate from my server and revoked it from Cloudflare. I still can’t access emails. Is there a delayed time (server cache)? Or should this be instant?


Did you install a valid certificate on your email server after deleting Cloudflare’s Origin Certificate?

No. I didn’t know I needed to de that . And I don’t know how… Can you assist?

I figured things would just get back to normal as before once I removed the Origin certificate since emails were fine with Cloudflare before this.

You’ll want to use AutoSSL now to obtain a valid certificate.

Before that, create a Configuration Rule in Cloudflare to disable Automatic HTTPS redirect, Browser Integrity Check and set Security Level to essentially off for paths that start with: /.well-known/acme-challenge/

With that rule, AutoSSL should work.

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Sorry but I’m very new to CLoudflare and I’m not a programmer… I can’t find where to do this… I can’t find Browser Integrity Check.

You got to, select your domain and create a new rule.

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Thank you!

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Hey @Douglasger before I flag your post, remove it, and suspend your account, please read this post, Difference Between Rules - When To Use What for Redirect? - #6

In particular this part,


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