Cannot receive email invitation to accept pending invite

Similar to this question, I did not receive an email invitation to accept the pending invite. Please see the attached screenshot showing the confirmation that the invitation was sent.

I’ve already checked my spam/junk folders and also the communication preferences in my profile settings. Other members could be successfully invited to the same account.

Might you please help me out? Thank a lot in advance!

It probably will be the suppression list issue then, same as the thread you linked.

Please email [email protected] from the email address on the account not receiving the email and post the ticket number you get back here.

Thank you for your quick response. My ticket number is #2401977.

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I did check the email ID with which you raised the ticket I did not see this email in Suppression list. I did see a mail delivered recently on March 8th regarding certificate issuance notification. Did you check again or is there another email I should be looking at.

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I just checked it again and found the issue in my email client. I tried an invite again and it now works. Thank you for your help - and sorry for the inconvenience, the issue was on my end.

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